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      Community Assistance & Housing Programs

      Plexos manages community-based projects under CEWRI-HH to install solar panels in homes.

      Plexos Helps Puerto Rico Build Energy Resilience through CEWRI-HH Program Leadership

      Plexos' Guaynabo-based team is delivering an extensive spectrum of infrastructure and resilience services for the Community Energy and Water...

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      Plexos Group supports Galveston, Texas, in maximizing mitigation funding for drainage projects

      City of Galveston | CBDG-MIT Funding Partnership

      Plexos Group is partnering with the City of Galveston, Texas, to maximize mitigation funding for projects that boost community and infrastructure...

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      Plexos Group

      State of Louisiana Unemployment Call Center Expansion

      When the state of Louisiana experienced a major spike in unemployment claims associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Louisiana Workforce...

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      Plexos Group

      State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Call Center

      When the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity needed to quickly increase capacity of its unemployment hotline to handle massive surges...

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