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      About Us

      Helping Communities Build Stronger Futures


      Rooted in Resilience

      Our Systems, Tools, and Expertise Are Built From our Experience in the Largest Events to Impact the U.S. 

      We draw on decades of experience in program and construction management, disaster recovery, and grant funding to help clients achieve their goals with best-in-class resources and innovative technology solutions.

      Invested In Our Nation’s Infrastructure

      The $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) is a historic step for our country’s infrastructure.

      We’re helping state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLLT) governments understand and navigate complex federal requirements for building the much-needed roads, bridges, transportation, and utilities their communities need to thrive in the future.

      With our deep policy insight and federal funding expertise, we’re positioning our clients to identify high-impact projects, pursue maximum funding, and retain those funds for the long term.

      Committed To Communities

      Our direct experience in response and recovery efforts after the country’s largest disasters – from hurricanes Katrina and Maria to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – informs everything we do.

      In each project, we focus on creating solutions that reach communities and residents most in need.

      With our support, community rebuilding and revitalization efforts achieve sustainable results that benefit future generations.

      Earned Expertise

      200+ years of combined senior staff experience providing large-scale program management services for infrastructure, construction, and disaster recovery projects.

      Full-service grant administration and information technology solutions for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients across the United States and its territories.

      We understand how to prioritize the unmet needs in a disaster of enormous scale and make it manageable.


      To build long-term community resilience and sustainability through transformative civil and social infrastructure projects.



      Investing in local resources and transferring key skills builds stronger, self-sufficient communities equipped to improve their infrastructure and recover from the effects of climate change with a better quality of life.

      Disaster Recovery Experience

      Our Story

      New Beginnings 

      Plexos was formed in 2012 after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. From their leadership roles in the resulting $20 Billion Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damage Settlement Program, David Odom and Kirk Fisher recognized the need for a more efficient and streamlined way to manage claims in large-scale programs.

      David and Kirk launched Plexos Group to leverage their engineering, finance, and project management experience supported by agile workflow technology to benefit all claims programs — including disaster recovery, insurance, and medical claims programs.

      In 2014, Paul Rainwater joined Plexos as a principal, bringing decades of experience as one of the country’s foremost federal funding experts.

      Growth & Development

      Over the past decade, Plexos and our growing team of infrastructure and disaster recovery experts have held leadership roles in every major disaster to strike the U.S., from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Sandy, Irma, Maria, Harvey, and Laura, to Louisiana and South Carolina floods, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

      In those projects, our proprietary SaaS platform, Projexis™, has enabled better visibility into performance metrics while spotting inefficiencies and bottlenecks. 

      Driven & Dedicated

      Today, Plexos is a national, multidisciplinary team of management consultants - from former federal, state, and local emergency management leaders, to retired military, architects, engineers, MBAs, technology/systems experts, construction managers, cost estimators, community developers, and more.

      As SLTT governments contemplate the best use of BIL and other federal funds to rebuild and revitalize our country’s infrastructure, we are ready to ramp up quickly to fulfill their needs from inception to closeout. 

      Clients trust us to solve their most difficult problems. With our advanced technology solutions and industry-leading program management skills, we stay nimble and deliver exceptional results.
      David Odom, PE, PMP
      Plexos has carved out a unique spot in the industry by providing a service that adds value, not just in dollars, but in human terms. In honoring the values of the communities we partner with, and by hiring people who truly want to help those communities recover, we distinguish ourselves from the competition.
      Paul Rainwater
      Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President
      In large-scale program management, it’s all about communication. I never want clients to be surprised, so I ask a lot of questions to understand their needs and position them to be proactive in addressing possible challenges.
      Bob Roberts, PE
      Chief Operating Officer

      A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

      Our human capital is the most valuable asset we have.

      Plexos is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We embrace and encourage the differences that make each employee unique and value their contributions to solving client challenges.

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