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      Communications Infrastructure

      Helping Expand Connectivity for Broadband and Cellular Access
      in Rural, Remote, and Tribal Communities.


      Connecting Communities

      Investment in Communications Infrastructure Development Today Creates Sustainability and Resiliency for Tomorrow.

      Plexos experts bring decades of management experience in telecommunications, both broadband and cellular solutions, helping unserved and underserved locations increase connectivity. We are supporting efforts to close the digital divide benefitting education, healthcare, public safety, Tribal locations, and spurring on economic growth.



      Broadband Infrastructure Initiatives

      The IIJA includes the largest investment in broadband deployment and adoption in U.S. history, with billions of dollars available across multiple new programs. These programs and initiatives can be complex and difficult to navigate.

      Plexos helps organizations meet all federal funding guidelines, establish internal and external best practices, and build a strong foundation by connecting with the right partners to mitigate challenges and improve digital access by intentional planning and management.



      Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning

      Telecommunications infrastructure development plays a pivotal role our digital world. As our dependency on technology grows, it will continue to shape our digital economy and landscape. Telecommunication infrastructure forms the backbone of our connected world, allowing for enhanced connectivity, smart city and smart grid capabilities, economic growth, and social empowerment.

      Plexos excels in helping companies manage intricate telecommunications programs by creating process flow mechanisms, performing comprehensive assessments, fostering public and private sector collaboration, and providing hands-on project oversight.



      Federal Funding Acquisition

      Federal infrastructure grants provide the opportunity for organizations, service providers, and government and state leadership to deploy miles of fiber optics that connect rural, remote, and Tribal locations.

      Plexos works with many organizations in federal funding and grant acquisition, including the IIJA, EPA, DOE, DOL, and HUD. Our grant management experts help organizations identify, align, and apply for federal funding grants and loans.

      Plexos’ subject matter experts are helping subgrantees in New Mexico and other states build their capacity to build, launch, and operate high-speed Internet networks.




      Program, Process & Project Management

      We provide a full range of professional procurement and grant services to clients nationwide, including acquisition planning, grant management, contract negotiations, and contract administration.

      Plexos helps manage federal program funding and navigate the federal process to keep companies in federal compliance.  Our contractual services provide program and process assistance, reporting, data collection, budgeting, and performance auditing.



      Communications Disaster Recovery

      Plexos helps disaster locations with communications recovery by assessing infrastructure inventory and working with service providers and electric cooperatives to analyze their replacement process and project monitoring.  

      We assist with temporary and permanent communications solutions connecting first responders with communities and individuals immersed in the disaster. With our help, communities plan ahead, establish an infrastructure needs assessment, and apply for federally funded disaster programs to reestablish their connectivity and communications infrastructure.

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