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      & Resilience

      Committed to helping private and public sector utilities, organizations, states, and local municipalities manage local resources, staffing, and funding for critical infrastructure improvements.


      Experienced, Proven & Proactive

      Seasoned Project Management & Construction Management Professionals Driving On-Time Delivery of Complex Program Deliverables

      Comprehensive solutions and proven experience working directly with communities to build a more resilient future by understanding their infrastructure challenges and prioritizing historically underserved populations.

      Program Evaluation & Project Selection

      Program evaluation and project selection is a highly collaborative process. Using our systems and analytical tools, we perform a needs assessment to help clients define their goals, set realistic expectations, and understand potential risks.

      As a result, clients are better positioned to identify a list of infrastructure or mitigation projects that align with their organizational objectives, address the most critical needs of communities and residents and have the best chance of receiving funding.

      Scheduling & Budgeting

      We avoid schedule delays and additional, unexpected costs by aligning project timelines and deliverables early in the planning and design stages.

      With a clear and realistic budget established, our proactive cost management procedures reduce waste while our technology and tools reduce operating expenditures. Reliable baseline scheduling minimizes risks and streamlines the allocation of materials and resources within the project.

      Real-time and accurate schedule updates allow us to forecast and manage potential schedule impacts and deliver projects on time and on budget.

      Davis-Bacon & Related Acts (DBRA)

      Our federal funding and compliance experts work with organizations to achieve Davis-Bacon & Related Acts (DBRA) compliance. Clients trust us to perform gap analyses to identify areas of non-compliance and outline ways to implement best practices to ensure adherence to the DBRA.

      We work closely with internal client teams and departments to address gaps related to wage determination, payroll reporting, subcontractor oversight, and other aspects directly pertaining to their DBRA compliance. 

      Plexos is helping a public utility retire fossil fuel assets and build its resistance to climate change and extreme weather threats. We’re applying for and managing funds from the BIL, including Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships.

      Funds Procurement

      Our funds procurement experts focus on helping our clients identify available and suitable funding options to support the completion of the full scope of their project.

      We stay focused on guiding stakeholders in selecting the right programs that benefit communities and maximize the impact of not only federal funding options, but other innovative financing available through municipal bonds and project finance loans, and private sources.

      Our analysis of funding options includes in-depth review of the intended benefits of specific programs and projects against projected life-cycle costs and supply chain impacts. With that insight, our clients are positioned to take action quickly to take advantage of federal infrastructure funding in order to speed up the procurement process.

      Construction Management

      Plexos has the staff, tools, and resources to ramp up quickly for building, construction, or reconstruction mode. Working from a diligent and properly executed pre-construction planning phase, we help clients lower their capital costs in the procurement process and reduce project risks or an audit with meticulous documentation and project reporting.

      Our stringent financial controls and reporting policies enhance accountability while enhancing the quality of communication between stakeholders.

      As the system of record, Projexis™ is a highly collaborative software platform for all pertinent construction documentation, including inspection data, inventory lists, and invoices with customizable access from the office or the field.

      Regulatory & Audit Compliance

      As the regulatory landscape continues to change, our compliance strategies prioritize effective quality assurance and quality control processes to minimize monitoring concerns or findings. Solid project outcomes depend on clear roles and responsibilities, well-defined contracts, agile workflow project software, robust quality control procedures, and constant monitoring.

      As records requests and even audits become more of the norm instead of the exception, we’re helping clients stay prepared with airtight recordkeeping and retention practices to track actives at the contractor, consultant, and project management levels. Should the need arise, our experience with federal and state agency-led program audits helps clients navigate all aspects of monitoring and audit visits.

      Plexos is providing case management and damage assessments to support the $1.9 billion Texas General Land Office Single-Family Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) in the Southeast Texas region for homes impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

      Federal Funding for Utilities Infrastructure Upgrades

      Our disaster recovery and mitigation specialists work with public and investor-owned utilities in seeking federal funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) / Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), Inflation Reduction Act, EPA, and other public sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and replacing aging assets with clean energy alternatives.

      Utilities Tile

      Expanding Connectivity for Broadband and Cellular Access

      Plexos’ project and process management experts draw on years of experience working with federal agencies on major communications planning efforts that help rural, remote, and tribal communities apply for and manage funds for broadband and cellular access. These vital initiatives expand telehealth, distance learning, broadband affordability, and digital inclusion.

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      Full-Service Construction Management Capabilities

        Bond Analysis

        Funds Procurement

        Program Evaluation

        Strategic Execution Planning

        Project Selection & Prioritization

        Master Program Scheduling & Estimating

        Financial Management & Reporting

        Systems Integration

        Cyber Security

        Design Services

        RFP & RFQ Criteria

        Consultant Selection



        Change Orders & Claims Management

        Procedure & Training Manuals

        QA/QC Evaluation

        Change Management & Dispute Resolution Structures

        Audit & Oversight

        Fraud, Waste & Abuse

        Staffing & Resources

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