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      Puerto Rico Department Of Housing | City Revitalization Program

      Plexos is leading infrastructure and resilience efforts across 21 municipalities on the eastern side of Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Department of...

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      Plexos manages community-based projects under CEWRI-HH to install solar panels in homes.

      Plexos Helps Puerto Rico Build Energy Resilience through CEWRI-HH Program Leadership

      Plexos' Guaynabo-based team is delivering an extensive spectrum of infrastructure and resilience services for the Community Energy and Water...

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      Plexos staffing augmentation and emergency operations helps New Mexico wildfire recovery

      Plexos Augments Staffing and Emergency Operations After Wildfires

      Plexos Group is supporting the State of New Mexico by providing streamlined and direct assistance to individuals who were impacted by the...

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