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      Community Assistance
      & Housing Programs

      Managing large-scale federally funded programs and supporting grantees expedite community assistance and housing recovery programs.


      Technical Advisory Support & Expertise

      Industry-Leading Disaster Recovery & Housing Program Management Consulting, Design, & Implementation Services

      Plexos Group provides unprecedented expertise in short-term and long-term recovery environments for the full spectrum of U.S. Treasury, FEMA, and HUD CDBG funding programs.

      CDBG-DR Recovery

      We are uniquely positioned to assist and provide executive level consulting for long term, legacy-scale disaster recovery programs due to our extensive experience resulting from Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricanes Irma and Maria in USVI and Puerto Rico.

      CDBG-DR | Plexos Group
      Rapid and agile CDBG-DR program transformations to expedite grant awards and improve compliance within accelerated time frames.

      Billions in Funding for Communities in Need

      Managing large-scale federally funded programs and supporting grantees expedite community assistance and housing recovery programs

      $38 billion in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Programs

      $17 billion in FEMA Public Assistance Programs

      $12 billion in other Federal, State, and Local Infrastructure Programs

      $2 billion in U.S. Treasury Programs — CARES Act and American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

      Our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) can be strategically organized and designated to perform specialized program evaluations and project management services in an independent advisory role assigned directly to the grantee.

      Community Assistance &
      Housing Program Benefits

      Plexos Group provides over 20 years of experience in Compliance and Monitoring, Finance, Environmental Review, Project Development and Construction, Information Technology, and Anti-Fraud, Waste or Abuse (AFWA).

      Grant Management

      Immediate risk analysis, process flow modeling, and analytics on current grant processes

      Streamline Production

      Identify and remove bottlenecks through process, policy, staffing, and technology changes

      Real Time Reporting

      Increase visibility into all grant processes and productivity through online real time reporting

      Increase Performance  

      Spot performance issues through production monitoring of staff, functional groups, and contractors

      Mitigate Risk

      Reduce risk and recapture through improved documentation and compliance processes

      Dedicated Support

      Provide ongoing TAG support as required

      Solid Foundations For Better Futures

      Plexos Group supports community resilience and economic growth through the following services:

      Program Design

      With billions in disaster response and recovery programs managed, our reputation for designing streamlined and efficient programs is evident. Clients rely on Plexos to bring innovative solutions to meet federal, state, and local requirements, and leverage available funding.

      From the outset, we help clients document and measure key project milestones with clear and straightforward processes that guide every step, from application intake to construction and closeout. Our audit-minded solutions are tailored to our client’s goals, timelines, and priorities.

      Case Management

      Our industry-leading practices for outreach, application intake, customer service, accountability, and records retention are the backbone of our successful case management. We recruit experienced and compassionate professionals to help applicants navigate every step of the recovery process.

      Our case managers approach each task with a compliance mindset. Frequent and consistent case management training provides our application intake, eligibility, and case management professionals with the tools and resources they need to expedite relief to impacted communities, families, businesses, and individuals.

      Plexos has supported and managed more than $40 billion in CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT programs in various capacities for local, state and territorial governments in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico.

      Sheltering & Housing Solutions

      By following Incident Command System principles, Plexos collaborates with government and private entities to manage the safe operation of temporary sheltering and housing.

      Drawing on our experience responding to over 31 large-scale disasters, we deploy qualified teams to manage shelters while coordinating with cross-functional Incident Command Staff and volunteers.

      We mobilize turn-key staffing options to safeguard the health and well-being of impacted residents in a variety of temporary and longer-term housing scenarios.

      Inspections & Damage Assessments

      While using the Projexis Field™ app, our experienced inspectors perform site-specific damage assessments and record all findings during initial and final inspections in real-time.

      With in-depth knowledge of construction practices and materials, our inspectors facilitate construction compliance and program progress by verifying projects follow scope, construction quality, and documentation practices.

      While verifying compliance with applicable construction codes, and design and quality standards, we help our clients address discrepancies and avoid unexpected delays.

      Financial Management & Reporting

      Our finance and accounting experts help local, state, and federal governments ensure billions in grant funds reach their intended targets quickly and compliantly. Our program and process management audits are key to attaining measurable outcomes and meeting program goals efficiently and cost-effectively while mitigating risk.

      Clients rely on our anti-fraud monitoring to minimize exposure to duplicate or fraudulent assistance requests. We provide real-time transparency into project progress through regular and on-demand access to visually rich status reporting and metrics, yielding the ability to reduce risk.

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