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      Grant Management

      Maximizing federal grant funding for infrastructure, utilities, broadband, housing, economic development, and disaster recovery programs across the country


      Transparent and Efficient Management Approach

      Multidisciplinary Expertise to Support Revitalization, Growth, & Resilience in Local Communities

      Helping clients gain clear insight and access to federal funding options with in-depth experience navigating complex and evolving financial and compliance requirements. Our funding experts address compliance with Davis-Bacon & Related Acts (DBRA) requirements and  streamline the understanding and implementation of DBRA requirements within organizations.

      FEMA Public

      Plexos quickly assembles the right resources to achieve and maintain maximum FEMA PA funding eligibility following natural and man-made disasters, including hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, and wildfires.

      Our proactive approach helps governments and private non-profits avoid audit and compliance risks with streamlined procedures, stringent financial management, agile technology, and real-time reporting. 

      We bring solutions from our engagements across the country and actively seek to partner with our clients and local private sector stakeholders to provide informative and accurate assessments and plan for and mitigate the effects of future events.

      Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)

      Plexos’ Project Management Offices are helping governments and utilities across the country plan for and use the $1.2T in federal funding allocated to rebuild and expand our country’s infrastructure and provide access to broadband and cellular service through projects that prioritize equity, underserved communities, and climate change.

      We’re drawing on our experience overseeing the delivery of large, complex projects that update the infrastructure of power supply companies, wastewater treatment facilities, and sewer utilities, improve roads and bridges, and expand access to housing and broadband. We support clients in authoring grant proposals, developing a strategic framework for estimating their expected funding, and confirming eligible use of those funds. We’re mining client data to inform their project selection process and identify communities most in need. 

      Our compliance focus is setting up clients to address and monitor rapidly changing federal requirements while avoiding adverse audit findings or the risk of future funding claw backs. 

      HUD-Community Development
      Block Grants (CDBG), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Mitigation (MIT)

      Plexos’ CDBG disaster recovery and mitigation program solutions expedite grant awards that allow communities and residents to rebuild and recover after major disasters.

      Our experts bring decades of experience in compliance and monitoring, finance, environmental reviews, construction, and anti-fraud-waste and abuse (AFWA) to improve program compliance within accelerated time frames.

      We customize our approach to the unique mitigation needs of grantees to foster long-term and sustainable resilience to future disasters.

      Our analyses pinpoint risks to essential services, support the continuous operation of critical business and government functions, and prioritize human health, safety, and economic security.

      NTIA Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD), Middle Mile, and Tribal Broadband Connectivity Programs

      Plexos’ project and process management experts draw on years of experience working with federal agencies on major communications planning efforts that help rural, remote, and tribal communities apply for and manage funds for broadband and cellular access. These vital initiatives expand telehealth, distance learning, broadband affordability, and digital inclusion.

      We’re helping remote communities explore funding options through BEAD – a federal grant program that aims to support the building of infrastructure that allows remote and underserved locations with access to high-speed internet. Our experts are also well-versed in the Middle Mile program that helps remote communities connect their local networks to more robust, regional and national networks.

      Plexos' grant funding experts help our clients prepare for federal funding eligibility through Gap analyses that evaluate their compliance with Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) requirements. We identify areas for improvement, mitigate risks, and support clients in fostering a culture of continuous compliance improvement. 

      $0 Billion

      in CDBG-DR and Mitigation Programs

      $0 Billion

      in FEMA Programs

      $0 Billion

      in U.S. Treasury Programs – CARES Act and American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

      $0 Billion

      Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damage Settlement Program

      $0 Billion

      in Other Federal, State, and Local Infrastructure Programs

      After New Mexico's historic wildfire season and subsequent monsoon season in 2022, Plexos is helping the state grow FEMA-PA program funding opportunities to over $200 million by providing technical expertise, project formulation, cost estimation, and policy/process development. 

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