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      President Biden Announces $60M allocation for Puerto Rico’s Coastal Areas

      Many in Puerto Rico are still impacted by the damage inflicted by Hurricane Maria in 2017. That damage has only been made worse by two earthquakes and a pandemic, not to mention Hurricane Fiona.

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      What is a Project Management Office? Mitigating Compliance and Claims Risks in Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

      As state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments across the country pursue strategic planning for eligible projects funded by the $1.2...

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      Community Energy and Water Resilience Installations Programs: Empowering an Energy Resilient Future for Puerto Rico


      • Puerto Rico’s Energy Policy Act mandates compliance with a Renewable Energy Portfolio that reaches a minimum of:
        • 40% renewable energy by...
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      The Heavy Burden of Compliance – Designing and Implementing Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding

      Last Friday, April 29, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released initial guidance establishing robust oversight, reporting, and equitable...

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      Technology & Disaster Management: Four Ways to Increase Efficiency in Large-Scale Programs

      Plexos Group’s Senior Vice President, Derrick Stensrud, joined by Chief Growth Officer Srini Krishnaswamy and Director, Client Relations, Katie...

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      Biden Administration Extends Deadline for COVID-⁠19 Response Funding

      In a recent memo, President Biden extended the application deadline to request federal funding for COVID-19 response operations through the Federal...

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      3 Things State and Local Governments Should Do Now to Prepare for Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Funding

      Like most federal programs, the $1.2 trillion in funding made available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is subject to...

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