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      As utilities seek to retire outdated fossil fuel assets and increase their investment in renewable energy assets, they depend on federal grant funding to help pay for those projects. Their eligibility for grants – as well as their ability to maintain funding for the long term – hinges on their compliance with complex operational and reporting requirements, including those of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA).

      Seeking Federal Funding to Upgrade Outdated Infrastructure? Follow These Six Tips to Close Compliance Gaps

      Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Compliance Tips from Federal Funding Compliance Experts

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      Healthy and Sustainable Infrastructure for All: To Make Environmental Justice Commitments a Reality, Involve Impacted Communities

      In 2021, President Joe Biden made a historic commitment to environmental justice when he signed the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs...

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      Stronger Together: For Lasting Disaster Recovery Results, Long-term Interagency Coordination is Key

      When a natural disaster strikes, state, county, and local response organizations mobilize quickly. They are supported through standardized – and...

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      Staff Augmentation for Program and Construction Management: Ramping up your Workforce Without Breaking your Budget

      Any time a community gets the green light to build new school facilities, improve vital infrastructure, or upgrade utilities is a major win. But for...

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      Risk Happens: Mitigating Potential Problems to Keep Programs on Track

      In large-scale infrastructure, construction, and program management work, risks abound. Whether geographic, environmental, or resource-driven, risks...

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      President Biden Announces $60 million Allocation For Puerto Rico's Coastal Areas | Plexos Group

      President Biden Announces $60M allocation for Puerto Rico’s Coastal Areas

      Many in Puerto Rico are still impacted by the damage inflicted by Hurricane Maria in 2017. That damage has only been made worse by two earthquakes...

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      What is a PMO | Plexos Group

      What is a Project Management Office? Mitigating Compliance and Claims Risks in Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

      As state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments across the country pursue strategic planning for eligible projects funded by the $1.2...

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      What FEMA’s Small Project Threshold Increase Means to Communities and Nonprofits

      By now, you have probably heard about FEMA’s decision to increase the Public Assistance (PA) Small Project threshold to $1M. In their press release,...

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      Community Energy and Water Resilience Installations Programs: Empowering an Energy Resilient Future for Puerto Rico

      Summary: Puerto Rico’s Energy Policy Act mandates compliance with a Renewable Energy Portfolio that reaches a minimum of: 40% renewable energy by or...

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      The Heavy Burden of Compliance – Designing and Implementing Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding

      Last Friday, April 29, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released initial guidance establishing robust oversight, reporting, and equitable...

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