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      Plexos Augments Staffing and Emergency Operations After Wildfires

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      Plexos Group is supporting the State of New Mexico by providing streamlined and direct assistance to individuals who were impacted by the wildfires and floods through outreach and coordination of available resources.

      Providing Response and Recovery Support

      In August 2022, Plexos scaled up quickly and was on the ground to provide response and recovery services including program management, staff augmentation, and technical expertise through an emergency procurement with New Mexico Department of Homeland Security (DHSEM).

      seamless support on the ground

      With staff members on the ground within three days of contract execution, our team of housing, infrastructure, and response management professionals provided seamless support services that included an emergency operations center, finance, planning, and logistics activities. Plexos staff supported critical initiatives such as needs assessment, federal funding leverage opportunities, and coordination with DHSEM recovery partners including other agencies, non-profits, and recovery groups.


      Plexos mobilized eight individuals with targeted expertise to provide direct support on every level of the state’s recovery effort. Through our team’s effort to simplify available programs and maximize the funding received, Plexos successfully:

      • Grew FEMA PA funding opportunities from $13 Million to approximately $140 Million for existing projects by approximately 200% through accurate and complete cost-estimating practices.
      • Launched a statewide coordination structure through Lines of Effort for Recovery, which unifies reporting and resource coordination to address unmet needs and fast-track solutions.
      • Elicited approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to leverage Rural Development and Grant funds to address utility damage ineligible under FEMA IA (an opportunity that had a one in ten chance of success).
      • Successfully negotiated with FEMA to expand the incident period for an additional 90 days, from to October 21, 2022, which significantly increased eligible projects, total reimbursement, and the number of households receiving FEMA assistance.
      • Led and supported operations to provide approximately 1.5 million gallons of water per day.

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      AshleyAshley Saulcy's experience spans private sector, non-profit, government, and international development organizations, Ashley helps under-resourced workplaces complete complicated tasks quickly and efficiently. A systems thinker specializing in project management and disaster recovery programs, she coordinates lines of effort for New Mexico's recovery engaging 75+ federal, state, and local partners. Read more about Ashley here.

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