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      Disaster Recovery

      Plexos Group



      Experience with regulations related to federal short-term and long-term response and recovery programs.

      Our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) can be strategically organized and designated to perform specialized program evaluations and project management services in an independent advisory role assigned directly to the grantee.

      Response & Recovery Experts

      We understand how other FEMA programs (such as Section 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs) can be incorporated into a Public Assistance grant and when Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding can be leveraged to help fulfill local match requirements for FEMA Public Assistance.

      Plexos | We Understand FEMA
      Rely on us to achieve improved grantee performance, streamlined CDBG-DR processes,accelerated program funding/expenditures, maximized assistance, and minimized risk and recapture.

      Planning & Execution

      Rapidly Deploy Experts

      We have over 20 years of experience in Compliance and Monitoring, Finance, Environmental Review, Project Development and Construction, Information Technology, and AntiFraud-Waste and Abuse (AFWA)

      Develop Plans

      Development and implementation of a Performance Management Plan by Grant Allocation and/or Program Area

      Conduct 30-day Assessment

      Perform an analysis of 30-day performance by grant allocation and/ or program area


      Our service continues throughout the processes by providing ongoing TAG support as required

      Rapid and agile CDBG-DR program transformations to expedite grant
      awards and improve compliance within tight time frames.

      Short-term Response Initiatives

      Short-term response initiatives, such as mass care, sheltering, debris removal, mitigation activities, and health and welfare address community needs immediately following a disaster.

      FEMA Public Assistance
      FEMA Temporary Sheltering
      FEMA Individual Assistance
      International and Non-Federal Assistance
      Program Support
      Our staff consists of former FEMA officials, state directors of emergency management and community development, Public Assistance Officers (PAO), and retired military with more than 100 years of experience in emergency management and governmental affairs.

      Long-term Response Initiatives

      Long-term recovery refers to needs to re-establish a healthy, functioning community that will sustain itself over time. We work side by side with our clients to lessen the impact of devastation in their communities from future disasters.

      Fema Public Assistance (Categories C-G)
      FEMA Section 428 Assistance
      FEMA Hazard Mitigation
      HUB CDBG-DR Housing
      HUD CDBG-DR Infrastructure
      HUD CDBG-DR Economic Recovery
      HUD CDBG Mitigation
      Other Federal Agency Assistance
      International and Non-Federal Assistance
      Public Private Partnerships
      Program Support

      FEMA PA Process


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      150+ Years TAG Team with combined CDBG-DR Experience

        Immediate risk analysis, process flow modeling, and analytics on current grant processes

        Identify and remove bottlenecks through process, policy, staffing, and/or technology changes

        Increase visibility into all grant processes and productivity through online real time reporting

        Spot performance issues through production monitoring of staff, functional groups, and contractors

        Reduce risk and recapture through improved documentation and compliance processes

      Plexos Recovery Analysis

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