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      Plexos Helps Puerto Rico Residents Enhance Energy Resilience

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      The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) awarded Plexos a three-year contract to manage and implement two key subprograms of the Community Energy and Water Resilience Installation program. As a program management office (PMO), Plexos is assisting PRDOH in implementing and executing all aspects of its Home Energy and Water Resilience Installations Subprogram and its Incentive Subprogram (collectively referred to as CEWRI-HH).

      Providing households with renewable solar energy equipment

      Funded by CDBG-MIT and CDBG-DR dollars, CEWRI was set up to help homeowners install solar panels equipped with batteries that can store energy for future use. These home energy improvements are designed to boost community resilience in a power outage or emergency.  Building on Plexos’ long-standing history of working with PRDOH, CEWRI-HH is an exciting opportunity to further our mission to help the island build and restore infrastructure to withstand the impacts of disasters while fostering economic growth.

      Supporting self-sustaining & regenerative Solar Systems

      Our Guaynabo-based team is providing a wide range of program management, administrative, and operations support. The team works directly with households to facilitate their entire application process, while also evaluating all renewable energy installation companies applying to perform solar panel installations. For each eligible project, our team is overseeing environmental reviews including any necessary historical property consultations or home appraisals. Once the installation work is complete, our team will also review the applicant’s incentive disbursement claim, perform a site visit, recommend a final disbursement amount, and then close out the application.


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      About JOSE GOMEZ

      Jose webJose Gomez plays a pivotal role in orchestrating efficiency enhancements and process optimizations throughout all program phases of CEWRI-HH. Leveraging an extensive track record, he brings to bear his wealth of experience overseeing various multibillion-dollar disaster recovery, housing, infrastructure, economic development, and construction initiatives for both government and private-sector clientele. 

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