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      President Biden Announces $60M allocation for Puerto Rico’s Coastal Areas

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      Many in Puerto Rico are still impacted by the damage inflicted by Hurricane Maria in 2017. That damage has only been made worse by two earthquakes and a pandemic, not to mention Hurricane Fiona.

      Funding for Puerto Rico's Recovery

      While visiting Puerto Rico on Monday, President Biden announced a $60M allocation for coastal areas to rebuild damaged infrastructure and increase its resilience to future storms. This news was well-received across the island which is eager to invest in our recovery and grow our economy.

      Puerto Rico's coast is one of its most important attributes. As we think about recovery, it is critical to think about how those efforts can also support long-term economic growth and infrastructure needs for future generations. For that reason, a resilient reconstruction of coastal areas is two-fold. It means preserving life, the environment, and property while supporting economic development initiatives that promote local businesses and attract all types of tourism. 

      How Plexos Group Is Helping To Rebuild Puerto Rico's Infrastructure

      At Plexos, my team of local Puerto Rican professionals are based in the metropolitan area. Collectively, we have assisted and collaborated with state, federal, and county employees and agencies in spearheading efforts to drive more than $230M in reconstruction projects from concept to execution. 

      We have witnessed firsthand the integrity from all levels of local professionals in the private and public sector. Their commitment to a speedy reconstruction must go hand in hand by a support from the federal government. 

      Moving forward, it is imperative that everyone involved in Puerto Rico’s build back better program understands the complex opportunities and inherent challenges of federal fund management. Our commitment to our clients is that we will put together a team of experts in procurement policies, funding layering, and compliance in order to benefit our residents and maximize the impact of recovery funding.

      Disaster Recover & Response | Plexos Group

      About Plexos Group

      plexos_logo-2Plexos Group supports SLTT governments across the country in managing federal funding programs including the American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, FEMA, HUD, and other funding programs as well as implementing large-scale, complex infrastructure projects made possible through public and private funding.

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