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      Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority Emergency Home Repairs Virgin Islands Program

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      Plexos provided disaster recovery services to the US Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority (VIHFA) to benefit homeowners that suffered property damage resulting from Hurricanes Maria and Irma, which struck the islands in September 2017.


      Our program delivery staff and subject matter experts were on the ground to provide a wide range of services, from construction management and inspections to call center and case management services to fraud, waste, and abuse detection, reporting and business intelligence, and staff augmentation.

      How Plexos helped Storm Survivors

      The Program Phase I conducted temporary repairs to allow residents to safely shelter in place. Phase 2 of the program was for mitigation and provided permanent roof repairs for residents. The permanent roof repairs were done in accordance with the Territory’s 2019 Stronger Home Guide. The program allowed over 24,000 residents to safely shelter in their own homes.

      Plexos provided the following supportive services:

      • Design and implementation of an all-encompassing call center with full capabilities, including scalability, multiple facility support and remote metrics; procurement of all equipment
      • Case management of all functions (intake through closeout)
      • Projexis for tracking and managing of activities and documents of application process from intake through eligibility, construction, and closeout
      • Quality control of all inspections and related documents
      • Inspections, including damage assessments and initial and final inspections
      • IT infrastructure and operations including procurement of all equipment necessary for set-up of internet services and inventory management of all assets
      • Project controls, used to track time and expenses
      • Reporting and Business Intelligence included the design, development, testing, and management of reports
      • Staff augmentation, as needed
      • Program Website, designed and maintained
      • Design and implementation of Fraud, Waste & Abuse team

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