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      Complete Housing Solutions to Recover from Catastrophic Events


      Experienced, Proven & Proactive

      Plexos is an Industry-Leading Provider of Disaster Recovery & Housing Program Management Consulting, Design, & Implementation Services

      Our disaster management professionals have a longstanding history of supporting grantees in building strong, collaborative relationships with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

      We Understand How Disasters Impact Communities

      Immediately after a disaster, Plexos is on the ground to help communities and residents address their most critical need – housing.

      Our experts support overwhelmed communities and residents in cutting through complex, confusing and often disparate information sources to understand their options, access key resources and maximize grant funding to rebuild.

      In widespread power outages, mass floodings and other serious emergencies that disrupt access to necessities, our experience guides our knowledge of key resources and assistance, including the latest FEMA declarations after major hurricanes.

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      Plexos developed the USVI Emergency Home Repairs website within 24 hours of program award. 

      Getting Residents Back into Their Homes Quickly

      Immediately after a major storm, many residents don’t know where to begin to find resources to repair and rebuild damaged homes. Our teams mobilize to get residents back into their homes as soon as possible by disseminating clear information and implementing easy-to-follow processes with reduced paperwork

      Access To Resources

      We ensure resources are available when and where disaster survivors need them. Our multifaceted approach includes outreach and case management events to reach impacted residents in convenient locations, at-home visits and after normal business hours. 

      We understand the critical existing framework of ongoing non-profit and community-based assistance already being provided in affected locations, including state-wide health, financial, housing, and service initiatives.

      With client approval, Plexos can initiate outreach to local non-profits, tenant counseling and social services organizations, and other safety net and volunteer organizations. Those efforts help generate positive support for the program and amplify the program’s ability to identify and reach eligible residents.

      Grant Funding

      Our team draws on decades of experience to enable communities to use and coordinate funding streams that support their disaster recovery operations. Thorough compliance and monitoring activities can reduce the risk of funding claw backs and speed up program close out activities.  

      We help our clients create effective compliance and monitoring plans for grantees/sub-recipients, vendors, and program beneficiaries. Our tracking and reporting systems document compliance and monitoring activities, technical assistance activities, contract deliverables, and performance metrics.

      Financial Compliance

      With our help, clients adhere to funding requirements and expenditure timelines contained in Federal Register Notices, carefully monitor all program activities, establish strict timeframes for program execution, and maintain an accurate budget.

      We also help our clients control their program expenses with budget projections and track their administrative dollars to avoid exceeding federal thresholds and maintain compliance with the Low to Moderation Income (LMI) National Objective.  

      Plexos assisted storm survivors of hurricanes Maria and Irma at community outreach events in Puerto Rico. 

      Information Dissemination

      Through carefully crafted information campaigns, we make sure that critical information reaches the most impacted and distressed communities.

      We help clients develop a community-based process to target outreach to areas where residential resources can have the greatest impact and get program information to vulnerable residents. Our messages are tailored across communication vehicles in multiple languages to reach target communities. 

      Strategic outreach efforts create program-awareness, offer in-person service opportunities, and provide opportunities for public connection to program resources. Plexos disaster management professionals have created successful outreach strategies for grantees across the United States.

      Our outreach strategies are designed to increase participation rates and maximize assistance through:

      • Public notices
      • Websites
      • Printed materials in multiple languages
      • Call center campaigns
      • Community outreach activities and meetings
      • Press Releases and media coverage

      We coordinate with community partners, elected officials, long-term recovery groups, and other stakeholders as well as the communication mediums that allow us to reach our target audiences on the platforms they use most often.

      Program Monitoring

      Evaluating CDBG-DR programs to identify potential risks as early as possible is critical to effectively managing housing programs involving a large number of sub-recipients and contracted vendors. We help identify and minimize risks by:

      • Conducting risk assessments
      • Evaluating internal controls
      • Developing compliance and monitoring plans
      • Recommending mitigation strategies

      Streamlined Operations

      Operational plans help program and agency teams coordinate housing programs efficiently and effectively. A solid operational plan empowers stakeholders to monitor program performance based on established benchmarks, manage expectations, and communicate with program applicants and stakeholders.

      Our operational plans help clients manage large-scale housing programs wholistically while spotting vulnerabilities, from start to finish: 

      • Onboarding and staffing utilization
      • Mobilization
      • Timelines, benchmarks and performance metrics
      • Contract deliverables
      • Data and document management
      • Quality Assurance
      • Fraud, Waste & Abuse (AFWA) protocols
      Plexos was instrumental in developing the operational plan and 20 additional policies and procedure manuals for the $1.3 billion New Jersey CDBG-DR RREM LMI Homeowners Rebuilding Programs resulting from Superstorm Sandy.

      Streamlined Technology

      Our straightforward processes from application intake to construction are even more effective with the Projexis technology platform to swiftly move a program applicant through the process.

      For a major disaster recovery or construction management project, Plexos’ technology and teams facilitate call center outreach and intake, online claimant registration, status reporting, claim adjudication, on-site inspections, construction management, fraud and abuse checks, payment distributions, program closeout, and audits.

      Each of these tasks require information technology hardware and software to function. Our IT management team manages the procurement, assignment, inventory, setup, and maintenance of these systems.

      Staff Training

      Plexos offers training to program and agency staff on CDBG-DR programs to increase general CDBG-DR and task specific knowledge. Our course offerings are designed to help employees become more effective in performing program-specific functions, trouble shooting, and understanding pertinent federal rules and regulations. 

      We regularly monitor effectiveness of our training sessions to maximize their benefit to current and future program employees, stakeholders, subrecipients, and partners. After gaining a full understanding of specific client needs and staff resources, we tailor the form, format, and content of the training to the desired level of mastery for each group.  

      Efficient Construction Management

      A well-managed construction process in a grant program means residents get back into their homes quicker. We design and implement protocols to preplan all construction activities and create a predictable volume of work to help contractors manage labor needs.

      Our construction management practices bring order to the operational environment while maintaining best practices and documenting standardized project policies, procedures, processes, and metrics for executing construction projects.

      Plexos is providing program management and advisory support services to the Puerto Rico Department of Housing’s Home Repair, Reconstruction, and Recovery (R3) Program to deliver $2.18 billion in assistance to storm survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

      Housing Project Experience

       Puerto Rico Home Repair, Reconstruction, and Recovery (R3) Program (CDBG-DR $2.18B)

      ReBuild North Carolina Matthew/Florence Housing Program (CDBG-DR $422M)

      Texas General Land Office Hurricane Harvey Recovery (CDBG-DR $1.1B)

      Virgin Islands Emergency Home Repair (FEMA $250M)

      North Carolina Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) Program (FEMA $54M)

      North Carolina Hurricane Matthew Recovery (CDBG-DR $236M)

      New Jersey Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program (CDBG-DR $1.34M)

      Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program (CDBG-DR $1.8B)

      City of Columbia, SC (CDBG-DR $26M)

      State of New York, New York Rising (CDBG-DR $2B)

      New York City’s Build-it-Back Program ($1.4 billion)

      Case Studies


      Puerto Rico Department of Housing R3 Program

      Plexos is currently providing program management and advisory support services to PRDOH’s Home Repair, Reconstruction, and Recovery (R3) Program to deliver $2.18 billion in assistance to storm survivors of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

      We provide PM/CM, CDBG-DR subject matter expertise, and case management and damage assessment services in the Puerto Caribe Region. Our multi-lingual staff were instrumental in launching this program.

      We provide intake and eligibility determinations on applications for assistance and meet PRDOH’s damage assessment metrics. As part of this ongoing effort, Plexos will continue to support our client in building capacity and streamlining program processes and procedures to maximize the level of assistance to program applicants.

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      Texas General Land Office (TX GLO), Southeast Texas Region Hurricane Harvey Recovery

      Plexos is currently providing program management services to the Texas General Land Office in the Southeast Texas region for the Single-Family Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) which has an allocation of $1.1 billion in CDBG-DR funding.

      We are providing support services from application intake through closeout including conducting case management and damage assessments in nine counties for homes impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

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      North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCORR) Hurricanes Matthew and Florence

      Plexos is currently providing NCORR with project support and construction management services for approximately $422 million in CDBG-DR-funded construction projects resulting from Hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

      Our team staffs the Project Management Office (PMO) which is responsible for the implementation of construction management procedures that are compliant with HUD regulations and NCORR policies.

      In our PMO role, we are also responsible for the financial management of construction contractor invoicing, and IT/reporting support. In addition, Plexos is also providing construction and safety inspection services on this project.

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