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      Nannette Rodriguez

      Nannette Rodriguez

      Program Manager,
      DTOP Grant Management Services 


      Nannette Rodriguez, an experienced architect, is the program manager overseeing grant management services Plexos is providing to the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) that support the agency in federally funded infrastructure projects across the island, including roads, bridges, transit, and ports. With a strong background in capital improvements, program management, and project construction, Nannette has a proven track record of managing various projects funded by federal programs, including grants and municipal funds.

      Nannette has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, leading teams for over two decades. She oversees all phases of project development, programming, planning, design development, construction documents review, procurement, construction management, permit process, code compliance review, and project closeout.

      Before Plexos, Nannette served in the mayor’s office at the Municipality of Cataño. In that role, Nannette created the Municipal Capital Improvements Program (CIP) compiling all projects funded by federal programs, grants, and municipal funds, ultimately managing 29 projects funded under the FEMA PA 4339 Program. She also served as program manager for the CDBG-DR City Revitalization Program.

      Nannette spent eight years as the facilities and operations director for the Mall of San Juan, and before that, was director of the design and construction office for the University of Puerto Rico, Central Administration. She was responsible for administering the university’s approximately $420 Million CIP across 11 campuses. She also served as director of the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality of San Juan, reporting to the mayor and the Municipal Assembly on CIP progress and the Department’s general budget administration. Implemented new project management practices.



      Cornell University

      Bachelor of Architecture 


      Architecture and Design
      Project Management
      Construction Documents
      Procurement Process
      Code Compliance
      Permit Process
      Budget and Cost Estimating
      FEMA Public Assistance