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      Cody Rico | plexos Group

      Cody Rico

      Senior IT Operations Director


      Cody Rico draws on more than 20 years’ experience in system improvement and performance design to strategically enhance the company’s on-premises design. He vets and introduces new cloud-based technologies to provide a dynamic, secure and robust environment. Working closely with the CIO and executive team, Cody provides high-level management of IT projects within the company. He is responsible for designing, implementing and directing the processes, standards, capacity management, and the overall vision for the company’s cloud-based systems that power critical large-scale projects with tight deadlines. He ensures high performance and high availability of information systems within a dynamic IT environment to maximize business continuity, cost savings and growth, as well as compliance with NIST, HITECH, and HITRUST standards. He currently holds Department of Defense secret-level clearance.

      Prior to joining Plexos, Cody held several leadership and management roles that tasked him with oversight of company IT portfolios including IT project management, data center management, IT infrastructure, support operations, capacity planning and disaster recovery. While serving as senior IT manager he positioned his then-employer to receive a “Superior” compliance rating from the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. Cody also spent several years as an enterprise data center manager with operational responsibility for multiple data centers around the world supporting over 3,000 servers with 55,000 employees.



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