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      State of Louisiana | Restore LA Program Great Floods of 2016

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      The Restore Louisiana CDBG-DR Homeowner Program was a housing rehabilitation and reconstruction program funded by HUD’s CDBG-DR program after the Great Floods of 2016. Plexos provided the Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit (LAOCD DRU) Project Management Office (PMO) support services, in addition to construction management and damage assessments.

      Plexos' contribution to the Restore Louisiana Program 

      The Restore Louisiana CDBG-DR Homeowner Program was designed to help Louisiana homeowners who were affected by the Great Floods of 2016. This program, funded by HUD’s Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program, provided financial assistance for housing rehabilitation and reconstruction. To make sure these important services were properly handled and implemented, the Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit (LAOCD DRU) hired Plexos Group, LLC to provide Project Management Office (PMO) support services.

      Plexos worked closely with the LAOCD DRU to develop an efficient and effective PMO structure. Support services that were contributed to the Restore Louisiana Program included:

      • Intake
      • Eligibility and duplication of benefits determinations
      • Grant award calculations
      • Environmental reviews of IT data management, analytics, and reporting
      • Closeout policy and procedures
      • Management of QA/QC processes
      • Turnkey rehabilitation or reconstruction projects for nearly 3,000 properties

      How Plexos executed their support services for the LAOCD DRU

      Plexos conducted a 30-day program assessment of the data environment, which served as the foundation for the development of an integrated program analytics and reporting solution. From here we were able to gather the information we needed to start helping the flood victims.

      Plexos designed an Oracle-based claims management system, built reporting architecture to generate executive dashboards from different data sources, and implemented tools for real-time reporting. We developed and maintained operational and financial reports that were used by executive management and business unit managers. Plexos also developed and implemented program close out standard operating procedures and checklists, designed award-calculation reporting, and managed QA/ QC processes.

      With more than 44,000 applicants to track, Plexos provided additional critical support with incorporation of multiple third-party federal databases, maintained program data integrity, automated generation of 200 reports directly supporting grant production and customer dashboarding, and a large number of ad hoc business intelligence and analytics requests over a three-year period.

      Key Accomplishments

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      The Restore Louisiana CDBG-DR Homeowner Program was successful because of Plexos' comprehensive PMO support services, construction management, and damage assessments. By leveraging the full resources of our team, we were able to ensure that Louisiana homeowners were able to receive the assistance they needed in order to rebuild and recover from the Great Floods of 2016. 

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