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      New York City Housing Recovery Office (HRO)- Build-It-Back Program Superstorm Sandy

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      Plexos provided advisory support to the city of New York’s HUD/CDBG-DR housing initiatives in the capacity of IT/CDBG-DR reporting and policy lead for administration of $1.4 billion in Hurricane Sandy funding for the Build-It-Back Program.

      We conducted a 30-day program assessment that served as the foundation for the development of a risk analysis and QA/QC plan. The QA/QC Plan was designed to monitor program performance, HUD compliance, and construction contractors. The plan included review protocols, sampling methodologies, and checklists designed to identify areas of potential risk and methods to achieve compliance with CDBG-DR regulations. Plexos was also responsible for the development, deployment, and management of the city’s launch and reporting of the FieldLens program. This program provided HRO with insight regarding the real-time status and quality of ongoing construction projects (through field inspections and recording of site-specific data within the FieldLens tablet-based software system).