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      State of Florida DEO Taps Plexos to Increase Capacity of Unemployment Hotline

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      The State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity recently hired Plexos to stand up a call center to assist with COVID-19 pandemic-related unemployment claims.

      We rapidly hired local Florida residents who were trained to field calls for the call center remotely. The call center will initially utilize 1,000 employees working from their homes via our virtual call center software solution.

      Puerto Rico Governor Celebrates $44.9M Project Led by Plexos

      On Friday, January 13, 2023, the Governor of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, and its partner, Plexos Group,  celebrated the...

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      Plexos Group Partners with Kansas on Transformative Infrastructure Projects

      Plexos Group is excited to announce we will be partnering with Kansas under a Master Services Consulting Agreement to help the state plan,...

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      Plexos Volunteers Support Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona

      Today our colleagues in Puerto Rico jumped in to deliver supplies to the hard-hit municipalities of Patillas, Guayama, and Maunabo following...

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