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      Plexos Group Partners with Kansas on Transformative Infrastructure Projects

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      Plexos Group is excited to announce we will be partnering with Kansas under a Master Services Consulting Agreement to help the state plan, pursue, and complete transformative infrastructure projects.

      Providing program management & infrastructure solutions

      With over 200 years of combined staff experience in infrastructure, construction, and disaster recovery programs, Plexos is ready to provide the capacity and resources for Kansas to reach its goals for community growth, resilience, and sustainability.

      How Plexos Is Helping KANSAS

      Plexos will support Kansas' plans through a wide range of tasks related to Strategic, Project Management and Administration, Financial and Performance Management, Audit and Compliance, Organization and Change Management, Technology services, and other evolving needs that arise.

      Disaster Recover & Response | Plexos Group


      About Plexos Group

      plexos_logo-2Plexos Group supports SLTT governments across the country in managing federal funding programs including the American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, FEMA, HUD, and other funding programs as well as implementing large-scale, complex infrastructure projects made possible through public and private funding.

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