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      Plexos Group Helps New Mexico Address Wildfire Recovery and Mitigate Flooding

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      Plexos Group is honored to be supporting federal, state, local, and tribal partners throughout New Mexico devastated by the recent wildfires and subsequent flooding.

      Providing Response and Recovery Support

      The Plexos team is providing support in the development and implementation of a multi-agency coordinated approach for landslide risk assessment, mapping, and stabilization measures in the burn scar areas.

      In addition, the team is also assisting with identifying evacuation routes, assessing infrastructure at-risk for potential flooding, and recommending flood mitigation strategies.

      How Plexos Is Helping New Mexico

      Plexos scaled up quickly and was on the ground to provide program management, staff augmentation, and technical expertise through response and recovery operations.

      Our team continues to grow and provide comprehensive disaster response and recovery services in support of Emergency Operations Center activities, FEMA Individual Assistance and Public Assistance programs, disaster supplemental requests, and ongoing technical and subject matter expertise. Additionally, we are providing housing and debris assistance to devastated households and communities throughout New Mexico.

      Our team’s efforts will help New Mexico recover from these disasters and prepare for future events.

      Disaster Recover & Response | Plexos Group


      About Plexos Group

      plexos_logo-2Plexos Group supports SLTT governments across the country in managing federal funding programs including the American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, FEMA, HUD, and other funding programs as well as implementing large-scale, complex infrastructure projects made possible through public and private funding.

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