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      Governance & Compliance

      Program & Construction Management


      Transparent & Consistent Practices

      Our Governance Policies, Procedures & Management Plans Aim to Safeguard Long-Term Project Outcomes

      Our processes are designed to promote consistent enforcement, transparency, and adherence to the laws, rules, and regulations guiding the program.

      Program Management Experts

      Plexos’ track record of designing compliant programs, implementing proactive quality control processes, and monitoring progress helps our clients navigate stringent federal funding program requirements, and minimize exposure to concerns or findings should an audit arise.

      Unique Policies & Procedures

      From the outset of each project, we work with our clients to establish clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and performance criteria for governance.

      With quality standards for project management, leadership, and performance in place and communicated to stakeholders, our policies and procedures make it easier to spot potential risk areas and address concerns as early as possible.

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