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      Facilities &

      Rapidly Standing Up & Deploying Support Operations Around the Country

      At Plexos Group, our emergency response and recovery experts have extensive experience in rapid standup and deployment to support operations across the country and around the world. We assist distressed organizations with the necessary staffing, infrastructure and systems to achieve targeted mission outcomes.

      Federal Funding Experts

      We specialize in federally funded programs through SBA, FEMA and HUD, maintaining all statutory requirements for our clients. 

      Recognizing that the federal grant process is a rigorous process for even the most experienced operations team, we are available to assist your staff at all phases of any emergency response.

      Plexos | Federal Funding Grant
      At Plexos Group, our experts can help you at any stage of any emergency response and are here to supplement your staff if they're overwhelmed by it.

      Hospital Build-Out Support

      Plexos Group is ready to deploy and assist Medical Support Operations whenever it's needed most. From hardware to software through all stages of the emergency response, Plexos Group is there for support and assistance.

      Mobile in 24 Hours or Less

      Plexos provides full suite IT support to build out all required wired and wireless connectivity to support hospital operations within 24 hours of NTP. 

      Network Switch Supply & Installation

      Supply and install secure network switches, core switches and wireless access points for WIFI coverage.

      Recording Hardware Supply & Install

      Supply and install camera systems, recorders, and storage and VOIP phones to patient rooms and nurses’ stations.


      Other Specialized Support

      For Medical Response Operations

      Inventory Tracking

      We support all phases from delivery to warehousing to end user with built-in ability to forecast the needs of the supply chain.

      Inventory Management

      We provide specialists to breakdown specialized medical supplies, organize inventory and support distribution of what’s needed, when needed.

      Materials Handling

      We provide certified equipment operators with
      experience in dock, yard and close quarter operations.

      Medical Supply Distribution

      We provide staff trained in the use of PPE and medical supply distribution to move supplies from distribution points to end users to ensure they are getting what they require.

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      Build-out of New Orleans Morial Convention Center Hospital site

         2000 Beds

         256 Cameras

         1000+ VOIP Phones

         24-Hour Operations

         Staffed and Operational within 48 Hours

      Plexos | NOLA Hospital Morial

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