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      Relief Funding

      HHS, FEMA, and HUD Funding Assistance


      Achieve, Manage & Retain

      COVID-19 Emergency Funding Solutions for Healthcare Organizations.

      Our funding experts are helping hospitals, clinics and acute care facilities navigate the complexities of Cares Act, FEMA and HUD funding to maximize their benefit and minimize their funding timeframes.

      Medical Provider Funding Is Not Limited to HHS

      Supplemental to HHS Funding, FEMA and HUD have also allocated billions of dollars from the CARES Act to assist the healthcare industry in offsetting costs associated with the response to COVID-19.

      As a result, FEMA has an additional $45 billion allocated to COVID response with HUD receiving another $5 billion for both short- and longer-term COVID recovery efforts.

      Medical Provider Funding | Plexos

      COVID-19 Reimbursement Activities

      Receive government grants to recover.


        COVID-19 testing

        Establishment of temporary facilities for COVID-19 testing, treatment and isolation


        Transfer of COVID-19 patients among facilities

        Provision of medical goods and supplies to Red Cross, health departments and other governmental entities


        Local emergency medical care provided to COVID-19 patients

        Emergency protective supplies and goods


        Other emergency protective measures

        Forced account labor performed outside customary job duties and as a result of COVID-19 emergency

      We help state and local governments, U.S. territories, federally recognized tribal governments and private non-profit organizations maximize their ability to receive critical FEMA Public Assistance funding to respond and recover from major disasters.

      Federal Financial Grant Management

      Gain clear insight and access to federal funding options with a partner who can help you navigate the overwhelming rules, regulations, forms, procedures and oversight tied to that funding. Plexos’ FEMA experts have extensive experience managing disaster programs, streamlining recovery processes, and accelerating funding to sub-recipients and applicants. 

      Timing is Everything

      HHS, FEMA and HUD funds are limited and will be quickly obligated to eligible applicants.

      To maximize assistance, healthcare providers need to carefully document and categorize all COVID-related costs so that they can be submitted to the appropriate agency for an advance and reimbursement before funds are fully expended. The current guidance provides for 45 days for reimbursement after submittal.

      Keep Your Funds After the Event

      Due to expedited funding processes and limited resources, the federal government will not perform a detailed audit of your expenses until after funding has been provided.

      Expenses that are not eligible or properly documented may result in repayment of funding. In order to minimize recapture of these dollars, it is important to understand all federal requirements and retain required documentation related to the existing contracts and grants management teams apply for and manage FEMA COVID-19 Public Assistance grant opportunities.


      Maximize Funding and Expedite Payments

      To maximize funding assistance for your organization’s recovery, it is important to properly complete the below. Note: our fees are covered under direct administrative costs, which are FEMA-eligible expenses and paid through the 75% / 25% cost share.

      Organize COVID expenses in separate cost accounts

      Categorize eligible HHS, FEMA, and HUD costs

      Evaluate and deduct duplicative assistance

      Document donated resources to minimize FEMA cost share requirements

      Leverage available funding sources

      Allocate HHS and other funds to paying non-FEMA / HUD eligible expenses

      Current 75% / 25% cost share means the applicant bears 25% of eligible costs and FEMA bears 75%

      Reduce your 25% applicant share by capturing donated equipment, resources, volunteer hours and other expenses

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      Experience Matters

      At Plexos Group, our experience is the direct result of helping our clients respond to and recover from disasters in five FEMA regions and three DHS OIG regions. Our team of subject matter and policy experts can quickly assemble the right resources to achieve and maintain maximum FEMA PA funding eligibility through proactive measures, including:

        Program efficiencies

        Streamlined procedures

        Stringent financial management

        Avoidance of audit and compliance risks

        Agile GIS-enabled technology solutions

        Real-time dashboards/reporting, analytics & KPIs

      • $40B Disaster Recovery Experience

      • $13B Community Development Block Grants for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

      • $12B Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program

      • $12B Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance

      • $750M FEMA Funding for Largest Hazard Mitigation Grant Program in U.S. History

      Our Experience

      We are Committed to Helping our Clients Recover Swiftly and Efficiently.

      We consult, augment, and guide clients through every step of the FEMA Public Assistance process.

      Our experts administer public assistance programs on behalf of local governments and achieve program closeout. We know how the suite of federal recovery programs facilitates a comprehensive recovery within a community.

      We work side by side with our clients to ensure a community can withstand the next major disaster and never endures the same devastation again.

      We help ensure plans are developed from lessons learned to better prepare for the next event with policies and procedures in place. We improve response and recovery efforts by using sophisticated technology, implementing smart business practices and streamlining systems.

      Meet our experts with years of experience in HHS, FEMA, and HUD.


      Our Team

      We specialize in helping hospitals, clinics and acute care facilities maximize their benefit and minimize their funding timeframes.

      • Strategic National Stockpile Planning

      • Training & Full-Scale Exercises

      • FEMA Public Assistance

      • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

      • U.S. Small Business Association

      • Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General

      • HUD Office of Inspector General

      • Stafford Act Disasters

      • Office of Management & Budget

      • Short & Long-Term Recovery

      • FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework

      • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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