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      Call Center

      Full-Scale Call Center Options With Added Surge Capacity When You Need It Most 

      Within 24 hours, Plexos is there with fully customizable solutions tailored our clients’ needs. Our solutions can handle high volumes and monitor staffing levels in real time. We ensure maximum resources are put towards these disasters so they don't overwhelm you or your organization's ability for recovery and restoration.

      Capable & Versatile

      Our specialty is full-scale, cloud based phone system support programs that allow work from home metrics management.

      We purchase staffing and complete equipment for our call centers, so they can operate around the clock- day or night.

      Plexos Call Center
      Plexos is now standing up local call centers by hiring in-state personnel working at home to add surge capacity for unemployment and other state agency call centers.

      Demonstrated Excellence

      Our experience and expertise have given us the ability to provide the critical services needed during the most time-sensitive periods. 

      State of Louisiana unemployment Call Center Expansion

      Within one week of project award, we stood up a 100-person call center to assist the State of Louisiana with unemployment claims associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

      State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

      Plexos recently stood up a call center to assist the state of Florida with unemployment claims associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

      USVI Emergency Home Repairs

      Plexos stood up an all-encompassing, scalable call center with a cloud-based phone system
      featuring multiple facility/call center support and work-from-home metrics management. The call center experienced zero downtime and over 18,000 calls in the first four months.

      $40B Disaster Recovery Experience



      Community Development Block Grants for Hurricanes Katrina & Rita



      Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program



      Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance



      FEMA Funding for Largest Hazard Mitigation Grant Program in U.S. History

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      Call Center Features

         High-volume call capacity

         Efficient surge management

         800-number design and management

         Real-time supervisor dashboards

         Daily operations reporting

         Quick staffing ramp ups and forecasting

      Plexos Call Center

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