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      Biden Administration Extends Deadline for COVID-⁠19 Response Funding

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      In a recent memo, President Biden extended the application deadline to request federal funding for COVID-19 response operations through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) program. The new timeline gives state, local, tribal and territorial (SLTT) governments—plus certain private nonprofit (PNP) organizations—until July 1, 2022, to request reimbursement for 100% of their eligible pandemic-related costs.

      Applicants, including certain hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and essential social service organizations, can use FEMA PA Category B funding to recoup expenses for COVID-19 Emergency Protective Measures including:


      The extension is welcome news to governments and hospitals across the country. However, requesting and retaining FEMA PA funding can be complex, onerous and risky (just look at FEMA's recently published Audit-Related Guidance for Entities Receiving FEMA Public Assistance Funds). Recognizing this reality, FEMA reimburses recipients and subrecipients for costs they incur when requesting, administering and managing FEMA PA awards. Commonly referred to as Section 324 Management Costs, these expenses can include the organizational costs or even fees associated with hiring FEMA PA subject matter experts or using staff augmentation services to efficiently obtain—and perhaps more importantly, retain—FEMA PA funding.

      Plexos Group supports SLTT governments, hospitals and other medical facilities across the country in managing FEMA PA funding for COVID-19 expenses, plus mitigation and response efforts for other natural and man-made events including hurricanes, flooding and oil spills.

      Bill Doran is a retired Louisiana Air National Guard colonel with 30 years of public and private experience. He leads Plexos’ FEMA PA team in helping local and state entities respond and recover following major natural and man-made disasters. Before Plexos, he served as a FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer for FEMA Region VI. He’s served as the principal presidential appointee for 25 federally declared disasters including individual assistance, public assistance, mitigation, long-term recovery planning and implementation programs.

      Contact Us to learn more about how we can help your organization limit your risk, maintain compliance with federal law and leverage Projexis™ technology to expedite your next federally-funding project.

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