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      Technology & Disaster Management: Four Ways to Increase Efficiency in Large-Scale Programs

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      Plexos Group’s Senior Vice President, Derrick Stensrud, joined by Chief Growth Officer Srini Krishnaswamy and Director, Client Relations, Katie Johnston, look forward to reuniting with you at ResCon 2022: Re-Emergence! In partnership with the National Governor’s Association, the premier annual international resilience and disaster management conference 2022 program will focus on four key themes:

      • Climate Change Resilience
      • Cybersecurity
      • Infrastructure
      • Vulnerable Populations

      Derrick Stenstroud_webThe entire program schedule of events and sessions establishes an innovative and timely discussion on these topics. Because these themes directly align with Plexos’ experience, expertise, and service lines, we are proud to not only be attending - but also presenting!

      We are highly anticipating the infrastructure sessions on Tuesday, April 19th given our team’s proven experience with large, complex federally funded infrastructure projects. As the New York Times recently pointed out, White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu and Plexos’ own Paul Rainwater collaboratively utilized federal funds to help rebuild the City of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Learn more about Paul’s experience with infrastructure funding as well as 3 Things State and Local Governments Should Do Now to Prepare for Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Funding on Plexos’ website.

      Derrick will be presenting on Wednesday, April 20th at 3:15pm during a mini session titled “Technology & Disaster Management: Four Ways to Increase Efficiency in Large-Scale Programs.” Derrick will share his first-hand experience leveraging technology to streamline the management of large-scale, data-driven programs. Drawing on leadership experience in nearly every major U.S.-based disaster recovery program since Hurricane Katrina, Derrick will outline four ways technology can help expensive, resource-heavy resilience and disaster management programs become more efficient, scalable, and cost-effective for communities and stakeholders.

      The audience will learn how technology can:

      1. Enable comprehensive, consistent, and real-time data and reporting capabilities.
      2. Shorten project delivery times.
      3. Facilitate management of remote workforces.
      4. Promote early regulatory compliance, audit support, and fraud, waste, and abuse detection.


      Please come join us as we look forward to collaborating with you at this year’s ResCon and beyond!

      Plexos Group is a leading program delivery and project management company. Our experienced subject matter experts and agile technology platform, Projexis, streamline large-scale and complex projects funded by disaster recovery and other public and private sources.

      Contact Us to learn how we can help you streamline complex and resource-heavy programs funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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