Project Management


Plexos Group has extensive experience in the management of large complex programs. As such, we utilize the PMBOK standards on our projects. Our staff includes PMP licensed professionals with years of experience in project management. Our projects include consulting, design, construction management and overall program management. Plexos’s dedication to an intelligently designed, rigorously planned, and clearly defined project plan ensures that our projects are deployed in the most efficient and effective manner possible. In complex projects, 80 percent of the decisions that impact cost and quality are made during the first 20 percent of the program. Plexos prides itself in leading teams to success by adding structure and discipline to the planning and implementation process. Our processes are proven in the in large complex projects such as the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement whereby our team implemented rapid assessment teams and daily metrics to drive over $1 billion in eligible claims notices within the first six months of operation.

As the program gains momentum, Plexos employs a continuous and highly structured five-step approach to process evaluation and improvement. Our broadly scalable methodology has been proven, successfully, across a wide spectrum of projects. The key stages of our process include:


These five steps allow our team to proactively evaluate the claims systems and processes to determine where the greatest opportunity for improvement exists. Experts at deploying tailored strategies to achieve improved and lasting performance, Plexos professionals have employed various approaches, individually or in concert, to improve productivity, reduce cost, and enhance quality. These include:

• SWAT teams – Rapidly deployed teams to evaluate processes and bottlenecks, and implement near-term solutions to increase claims throughput, quality, and claimant satisfaction
• Rapid assessment – Process to quickly identify complete claims that should move forward in the process
• Category teams – Long-term teams dedicated to specific claims categories and processes; these teams have a depth and breadth of knowledge that allow them to serve as experts
• End-to-end simulation – Statistical modeling of the claims process that enables effective use of manpower, optimization of claims processes, load balancing, and process performance metrics and reporting

Plexos believes in continuous improvement and consistently strives to enhance all processes that impact cost, schedule, and quality. Our umbrella view of the program provides us with a unique perspective to evaluate the overall success of the system and the performance of each subprocess.

Priding ourselves on the quality of processed claims, Plexos has identified quality as a contributing factor in controlling costs. Our quality control metrics have not only improved programs by identifying and preventing inaccurate claim payments but have also reduced cycle times for incomplete claims, reduced costs associated with appeals, and identified inconsistent settlement agreement framework interpretations.

As part of every project managed by Plexos, a formal project management plan is developed that becomes the basis for managing the project.


The project management plan incorporates the following items based on PMI guidelines and includes the following items:

• Introduction
• Scope statement
• Integration management
• Scope management plan
• Time and schedule management plan
• Cost and estimating management plan
• Quality management plan
• Human resources management plan
• Communications management plan
• Risk management plan

Each of the plans sets the policies and procedures for how the project will be managed and sets a baseline for monitoring performance against the various functional areas. Integral to each of the management plans is the change-control process for making alterations to the plans.